Wednesday, March 12, 2014

yes indeed.

"Less. I’m trying to have fewer things in my life right now. This doesn’t always mean fewer trinkets that shine on a shelf.
It also might mean fewer things that upset me.
Fewer people who bother me.
Fewer regrets about things that are long dead and buried.
Fewer anxieties about a future that may or may not exist.
I find that if I dig deep and THROW AWAY ONE THING a day (on my shelf, in my head, an ugly memory in my heart, a small anxiety in my stomach, a frown, a doubt, an insecurity, a person who drains), then I wake up the next day a little more peaceful. A little more enthusiastic. A little happier.
Happiness and enthusiasm compound into inner abundance. Inner abundance is the sun that lights up all the life around you.
I don’t need to have so many opinions. The fight will continue with or without me, long after everyone in this universe cares.”

from this article from thought catalog which is actually from this book 

if this wasn't supposed to be read by me today, i don't know what was.
thank you james altucher

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