Monday, October 20, 2008

one day you're near.

i love the bond i can share with another human being.
there is beauty in connection.

i am constantly baffled by the interaction humans have with one another and the way i can open and close myself and let myself out (or not) and feel safe and refreshed and understood (or none of those things).

like i said, it's beautiful.

Friday, October 3, 2008


i'm not usually a fan of huge blanket statements, but
october is the best.
athens in october is the best.

it amazes me how i can fall so in love with a city.

the idea of freedom has captured me as of late.
the glory that is freedom. the thought that some have no idea what it feels like to be free. people born into captivity. people living in it with no taste for freedom.
we can talk about sex slavery, emotional baggage, sin, addiction, poverty, violence, abuse, lies. all keep us from freedom, keep our eyes shut to the beauty this world holds. for us. for all.
inwardly and outwardly people are held captive.
humans, including myself, many times live without knowing life can be different. that a change can be made.

i want to live. to show and share in freedom.
to let love release beauty.
to let captives free.

it was for freedom that we were set free.

there is great weight in that statement.
i want to hold those words close to my heart.