Monday, March 18, 2013


i tend to over think things.

even blog posts. which concludes in me leaving handfuls of drafted posts never ever published.
out of fear.

and that's no way to live. especially on the internet.
so i've decided to revisit these drafts. edit them. post them. increase my blogness. but also, participate in an exercise to face my fears and force myself to really put my thoughts to word form.
so here goes.

i think this will be good.

i've been resonating with this lately.

are we a culture too obsessed with our technology or is this just how we communicate?

or is it making us totally and completely self involved?

do we live for the moments we can share on social media?  are we forgetting to live in the moments?

are we going to look back on our lives and feel like all we have to show is what's on the world wide web instead of the stories we have to tell?

but it could just be that this is the transition of communication and yes, we communicate so much by the emoticons we choose, the hashtags we right, the moments of life we instagram.

is that the life we want?  is it inevitable?

am i supposed to become okay with no eye contact and texting at the dinner table?

am i just being old fashioned?  is this my extreme nostalgia?  or should we really be asking ourselves these questions?

i feel that our communication skills are disintegrating before our eyes.  oh how often do i find myself stuck in a most awkward conversations because everyone forgot how to have a straight forward conversation.  we're more comfortable looking a computer screen or our phones instead of each other's faces.

why aren't we more upset about that?

and seriously how often have i found myself looking a facebook at the end of the night and finding out more intimate details about a person based on their status as opposed to the 4 hours i just spent sitting next to them at the bar.

so many questions.