Monday, February 23, 2009

what's with today today?

so i don't claim to be a blogger or known in the blog world by any means, but i do spend quite some time on this open internet perusing people and their displays.

i'm into design, photography, and all things homemade.

i have a heart for community building and music and art that changes lives.

i dig written words used well.

i like to see people expressing themselves brillantly.

all this to say, i have found some people on this world wide web that i don't know but their blogs have struck me over the year or so i've been here.

and today, in my daily read of the feeds at my office, i was caught off guard when i see the longbrake is saying goodbye. he has always been one of my favorites to follow. his photography and words have inspired.

also, found these lovelies this morning. stamp printing is pretty much awesome. i want this. thank you noun.

hope you are having a brillant monday.
thankfully february is almost over.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

we're going where
where the wind will steer
we're going where
we can beat our fears
we're going where
we'll make some babies and teach them how to love
we're going where
there's the largest zoo
we're going where
all our friends can be too
we're going where
we have no choice but to open our doors with love
lets open the doors

"dove" castledoor

Monday, February 2, 2009

a year ago.

i try to avoid being to "too honest" most of the time out of fear, yet i realize that is working against everything i believe in. so here you go.

a year ago today, i lost my best friend.
my heart still aches the same as it has the past 12 months.
she taught me so much about life, simply by the way she lived.
she taught me what love looks like in life. what friendship means. what jesus looks like. the beauty of sharing life with another person. what freedom is.
most of what i live my life for today i learned from her. and that's true.

it is strange to live life without her. knowing that we work for the same purpose. she has made me live better.
her life touched my life.
i miss her more than i can put into words
but i have learned that i cannot stop and sit in my hole like i would prefer.

life is to be lived. that i know. that i learned. that i can see.
i will live out this life in hopes that i could show someone what she showed me. that i could be half the friend she was to me. that i could be centered.

i have a lot more to say that i cannot put into words.

take this for now.