Monday, February 28, 2011

this spring-like weather makes me feel at home. finally something about this place feels like home. this week was my six month anniversary of living in asheville and i honestly cannot believe that its been half a year. and now i sit and wonder what will become of the next six months.

you know, now that we're two months into two thousand eleven, i figured i should post my resolutions and goals for the year. it will be a good year.

bake and sell pies at a farmer's market.
apply to grad school. [check!]
create traditions.
go to utah, california, nevada, oregon, washington, and canada.
create/live in a loving community once again.
actively search for joy in everything.
roadtrip ocean to ocean.
send out dream letter inviting friends into my dream.
move to a new great city.
plants herbs and veggies.
start a food blog. [check!]
see lcd soundsystem live.
discover new music. create monthly playlists. send playlists to people.
write more letters.
share more desires and passions.
travel! adventure! go!
watch the sandlot with frankie and benji.
get a tattoo.
draw back into honesty, authenticity, and love. settle for nothing less.
wrtie. write. write.
make more goals.
work on an organic farm.
be a better friend. connect more. do not let friend fall away. make more on an effort.
get outta debt!
live and experience. do not live in dreams of what could be or what could have been.
have no regrets. take no prisoners.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


somedays you just have to drink a beer in the shower and pretend its athens, ga in the summer time.

someday you just have to wear a silly band in your hair because no one has a rubber band.

somedays you just have to cry on the phone with your mom.

somedays you have to lose yourself in a tv series because it makes you feel closer to your family.

somedays you are lame and you must love yourself for it.

somedays are just hard.

somedays are made for tea drinking.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

lean into the discomfort

this was posted here and here and i finally took the time to watch it. and then i watched it again. i was moved. its inspiring and honest and real. and what i want my life to be about. 
take the time to watch it. 
tell me what you think. 

lean into the discomfort. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

february can't be dreary all the time

recently i have been trying to alter my outlook on life. changing my negatives to positives. being reminded that life is short and to be enjoyed.

last night, at a crowded restaurant on a friday night, my friend and i were invited to sit at a large table with an older couple since they had extra seats.  it was one of those small moments where you can say yes or no, simple without any life change either way, but its an odd opportunity that can change to adventure.  needless to say, we said yes and had a most delightful dinner. talked and got to know each other to the point that our waiter didn't even realize we didn't know each other until we were paying.  our dinner friends ended up being an ex-supreme court judge and a third grade teacher, sweet as could be.
(also, pretty sure everyone in the place new them and they didn't actually have to pay for their dinner.) it made my evening, that's for sure.

in other news, i'm going to miami in march. flights booked. workout begun. fun in the sun, i'm coming for you.

also it feels like early spring these days and its amazing. amazing. amazing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

spring one day

just listen to this song and wait patiently for spring 
that's what i'm doing. 

things i long for of the warm weather, include, but not limited to... river floatin. bare feet. mountain climbin. smiling. warm rain. fires. and oh the music.

let your heart be warmed.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


i work at a diner. i get up at 5:30 am.  i help make delicious food for shiny, happy people.  i see a lot of eggs.  my mind wanders from monotony and sleep deprivation. 

here are some thoughts from today:

eggs are honestly bizarre.  no one really thinks about the fact that they come from a chicken's bum hole...and then we eat them. ...well, at least i don't think about it. 

how did the first humans even think eating eggs would be a good idea?
how many raw eggs were eaten before they decided to cook them?
can you imagine that day in the cave?!? seriously awesome. 
and, all the different ways! 

how would you ever decide to whisk them up and coat your bread in them and then cook it and it would be  so yummy?

also on the thought of the first humans, 
who thought to take some beans, roast them, grind them up, hot water over them, and then drink it? coffee. couldn't live without it. 

i sure am glad for all those trial-n-error kids back then. also glad i didn't have to be the one eating the raw eggs first.