Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm thinking about years gone by 
I'm thinking about church at midnight 
I'm thinking about letting go 
I think that might finally be alright 

simmering on the years past, 
all the loves and losses, all the joys and tribulations, 
my heart is happy today 
even in the loneliest moments, even in the sad ones, 
i can confidently say that i am happy. 
i have learned and grown and seen and been opened up
once again
and i'm reminded that its all forward motion. 
it has to be. 

But this is where we shine 

and sometimes love is all my heart can have. it has been a hard year. a long year. an exhausting one and a revealing one. 
unexpected-ness around all the corners. 
and strength has been pulled from places of defeat
it has been and now we're here remembering. 

Then I'm gonna catch my breath 
And make it a long December 
If we've got nothing left 
This could be worth remembering 
With a smile upon my face 

Silver bells and open fire 
And songs we used to sing 
One more chance to be inspired 
Is what I'm offering if love is not enough 
Then stay with me because 
The heartache can wait

one more chance to be inspired. 
merry christmas to all.