Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i feel like i always hit my stride in summer
like really soaking in a day off
when i can stay in my pajamas all day, still drinking on my pot of coffee at 2 in the afternoon
watching storytellers on vh1
cleaning the kitchen, listening to records

sometimes i forget its summer [besides the 90 degree apartment i live in] because of the quick lives we lead.

but today,
today i embrace it with all i am
and really channeling my high school self, and probably your high school self, who lounged through the humid summer days before hitting the pool watching videos on mtv.
the grown up us's miss those days. i find its good to feed them a little nostalgia every once in a while.

cheers to summer. and memories. and making fun of who we used to be and who i still am at heart.

[my apologies for the us's, i just don't think the proper grammer sounds right]

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

should i

over the last four weeks, my life has changed drastically once again.  the reason i moved to asheville, a family owned restaurant, closed down suddenly.  left unemployed, confused, and with no way to pay my rent, i moved into a bit of crisis-confusion mode.
crisis mode, you know, the mornings when i wake up and sit on craigslist and think about how all of those jobs seem equal to water torture and then i end up sending my resume anyway because i'm freaking out and whatthehellamigonnado. and the afternoons where i realize i have nothing to do so i start hammering bottle caps flat in hopes of being inspired (read: low point). and the everything else where i bounce back and forth between feeling    f r e e   and feeling  l o s t
and nothing in between
and everything in between.

i don't know.

in the past four weeks, i have acquired three jobs that i think are pretty cool, but all part time. i am drained of all brain power to listen.
i am surrounded by super passionate and knowledgeable people all day which is encouraging to say the least.
i'm learning stuff i never thought i'd learn, which is a changing experience.
one to burst your mind,  in a good way.

i am faced with decisions. to stay in asheville. to go away to somewhere new. to move back home. to start afresh. to continue to invest and have to work my way up. to work towards something great. to work just to pay my rent. to accept the change. to accept the challenge.

again i ask, what should i be doing with my life?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

photo source

who doesn't want to open presents that look like this?  i'm in love with this idea.