Wednesday, April 16, 2008

words like "lost and found".

sam beam makes me want to pick up my guitar again. 

and makes me want to fall in love. 

last night was beautiful. a voice of beauty, love, humility. backed by an eight piece band. sold out variety playhouse with every face awaiting his voice. standing in silence, in awe. 

my soul needed it. 
a night of rest and peace. of enjoying beauty.

it's not just about watching a good musician, but life overall. to live for something more than ten page papers and serving pizza. 

i'm thankful for the moments that bring me back to where my soul finds rest and my heart remembers what makes it feel alive. 
there have been too many days that have been filled with just getting by. 
i'm thankful to be able to feel alive again. love again. 

it's been a hard three months. you should know that. 

may the sun rise bring   h o p e   where it once was forgotten

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

dream to make believe.

i'm 22. i have a lot of dreams and ambitions.  i have decided that i will not sit on the side lines and watch my life pass me by. that sounds melodramatic, but i'm kind of serious.  

i am desperate to see my dreams become a reality. 

sometimes i feel like i'm drowning in my life a bit. and i felt like it a lot this morning.  things have been tough. i have been tried. i woke up this morning to find that i again slept through my classes and other important things that are NOT ok. and realizing much needs to change so today begins "jess will be  r e s p o n s i b l e  for 3 weeks". mark my words.
things "responsible" entails: 
  1. going to all my classes.
  2. getting up every morning. 
  3. not being late to work.
  4. reading and studying. 
  5. doing homework.
  6. spending time alone with God. 
  7. journaling myself so i don't feel crazy. 
  8. returning phone calls and emails. 
these things may seem simple. but i, jessica anne rosenkoetter, am not good at them, especially the school things, and in the last 2 months, my life has a bit fallen apart and none much of this has happened. so i guess i'll begin. three weeks of senior year number one. 

in other news, spring has come and made its home with us. 
i'm pretty much in love with that fact of life. 

Monday, April 7, 2008

birthdays are for lovers.

birthdays are the best. 
april 5th is the best.
my friends are the best. 

that's really it. 

this weekend was like old times. everyone was back in town. the 167 had a million people in it. we didn't sleep. we laughed the whole time.