Friday, October 7, 2011

all the stars are coming out

its so interesting how life turned out. 

and i sit here on this autumn evening, wondering 
climbing through my memories 
really how did i get here?

and i know that it is beautiful 
no matter how hard and ugly and tumultuous
no matter how much new growth and heartache and broken pieces have fallen to the ground

these days i find myself in between such grand heartache and excitement, sadness and joy, broken pieces and that feeling of being complete.  what an odd place to be. and a mix of emotions that is just hard, unsettling, and kind of awesome.  

i think i'm really beginning to accept
that truly, in this life, 
 there is joy 
and love, 
beauty, yes to be found. 

[feeling introspective, what's new]

picture from the rainy outer banks, nc from a couple weekends ago. awesomely needed vacation.

currently listening to: the mountain goats, fleet foxes, tv on the radio, sleigh bells, and bon iver.
fall is upon me.