Wednesday, September 17, 2008

same things can be different

my favorite athens establishment of all time.
yeah. as we all know, it has transformed quite a bit. it is classy and even swanky at times. they have wonderful imports and large booths. its very aesthetically pleasing. the design is beautiful.
but the old hot corner has been lost.

to sit here as i do from time to time. i test it out. to see if it will come back to its roots. it never satisfies me. now don't get me wrong, trapeze is one of my favorite bars of all time. i might could say it is growing to be a favorite establishment. i just wish with my whole heart that both, two of my favorite places, could have lived side by side instead of one or the other.

there's something about sharing a couch and a coffee table with a complete stranger while at 3 am you are both working diligently on research papers that are due the next day...and trying to avoid facebook. something about knowing you're not the only procrastinator in the city. or the only night owl. knowing the furniture is older than i am. it was always buzzing. it was a culture. i miss it.

i just got the "are you crazy?" look from a guy who is sitting on the chair next to the couch i sat down on. apparently this is too close for comfort for him. apparently he thinks he deserves the whole coffee table and the only not wooden seats in the house. he clearly doesn't remember hot corner. trapeze is all about personal space i guess.

enough for my rant.
i apologize for the length.

it kinda really feels like fall outside today. i know it's because it's overcast.
i like wearing tanktops in the beginning of fall. i need to feel the chill. throughout the year i forget what that feels like.
remember to enjoy it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

the first candy corn of the season.
it is glorious.

fall is coming.
that means pumpkins. falling leaves. long walks. halloween. scarfs. boots. orange. browns. porch sitting. hot tea. pumpkin spice everything. pumpkin ale. deep breaths. climbing trees. cinnamon spice. adventure. october. haunted houses. costume parties. crisp air. thebike rides through town. carving pumpkins. tights. autumn love.

i really love this season. i'm glad it comes once a year.

there is grace felt in this season. i'm constantly reminded of myself, my flesh, my jesus, as everything around me dies in order to bring new growth in the spring. it's a sweet season. there is beauty all around. in the changes coming. mmm. love.